Saturday, 21 May 2011

Zacarias Albano da Costa participated in the 4th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries

Timor-Leste’s delegation, lead by Foreign Minister, Zacarias Albano da Costa participated in the 4th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, which has just concluded.  The global summit was dedicated towards creating and adopting a new programme of action to assist the development of LDCs with the goal of lifting millions out of poverty.
The Timor-Leste delegation used the conference to highlight the work of the g7+ and Timor-Leste’s role as the Chair.  Ambassador Sofia Borges co-chaired a panel on delivering development in conflict affected LDCs, where she spoke about Timor-Leste’s experience and the objectives of the g7+ in taking ownership of their development agenda. 

  “This programme of action provides a blueprint to lift millions of people out of poverty, and LDCs together with partners should commit to its implementation.  Timor-Leste is committed to making the IPoA a success,” said Minister da Costa.
Through the efforts of our delegation in New York, Timor-Leste succeeded in having a specific reference to the Dili Declaration under the good governance section.  The para highlights the specific vulnerabilities and challenges of LDCs that are affected by conflict, and the links between peace, security and development.
The newly adopted Istanbul Programme of Action aims to have half the 47 LDCs ready to graduate by 2021.  This plan attempts to build upon and correct the gaps left by the previous Brussels Programme of Action.
In attempting to do this development partners will aim to increase resources to the least developed countries.  Partners will also focus on working with national governments to ensure that all assistance measures are in line with national priorities and that the LDCs have ownership over the process.  A monitoring mechanism was created to better follow the programmes implementation, along with a section on graduation and smooth transition.   
The Istanbul Programme of Action also builds upon the BPoA in highlighting the need to focus development efforts in several areas.  The importance and need to empower both women and girls is addressed, along with a specific section on youth and a focus on building capacity to reach sustainable development.